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PM Denture Clinic
01698 282411

Custom made dentures

Philip McKeown of PM Denture Clinic, Hamilton, has over 40 years experience in the Dental profession and will make your dentures from initial consultation to the final fit, including making your custom dentures in our In-House Laboratory.

From denture repairs to new full upper and lower dentures - Contact us now! 

We can repair dentures in one hour.
We can produce dentures, including porcelain teeth, in one day.

Phone: +44 (0) 1698 282411

Need dentures quickly? Lost dentures? Broken dentures?

Dentures repaired in one hour.

Lost dentures replaced in one day.

Denture repair and replacement Hamilton.

Denture repairs and replacements Glasgow.

Denture replacements and repairs Lanarkshire.

Why use PM Denture Clinic?

  1. Scotlands most experienced C.D.T. - Philip McKeown has fitted dentures for patients from all over the UK and Ex Pats from all over the world. Philip is a graduate of the Royal College of Surgeons London and the prestigious George Brown college Toronto Canada.
  2. Personal private attention and aftercare - With our Laboratory in our own clinics premises, all aspects of your new dentures from your initial consultation will be made 'In House'.
  3. Unique OP@L White Dentures - Unique to PM Denture Clinic are EXCLUSIVE OP@L White Denture Teeth and as Scotland largest provider of Porcelain teeth you can always be assured of being given the choice and advice of the best Dentures for your aesthetic look and comfort.
  4. Wheelchair accessible ground floor access to our waiting and treatment rooms.

P M Denture Clinic - Dentures Before and After

How badly worn dentures can affect you:

  1. Cosmetic - Self consciousness - There are many reasons for changing your dentures. You should never feel embarrassed or self-conscious with dentures. 
  2. Physical - Lack of muscle support - Often, worn dentures and collapsed ridges can give the facial and lip muscles little support, especially after natural tooth loss or a denture being worn longer than 7 years.
  3. Eating - Difficulty chewing - Old dentures will often wear down the denture teeth and decrease your chewing ability. Through natural wear over the years, your dentures may become loose or warped.

As part of our consultation with you we will discuss how we can alleviate these problems and get you eating well, looking great and feeling confident once more.

Our patients:

P M Denture Clinic - Dentures Before and After

Full upper overdenture, referred by his dentist to PM Denture Clinic.

Mr. J, Ayrshire
Age 55

P M Denture Clinic - Dentures Before and After

"Thank you Mr McKeown. My new dentures are so real looking. I'm so glad I was referred to you. They make me look years younger and have given me back my confidence."

Mrs. M. Hutchison
South Lanarkshire
Age 66

P M Denture Clinic - Dentures Before and After

BEFORE: Very ill fitting full upper and Lower dentures.
AFTER: After consultation and examination including four appointments she was fitted with two tone high impact acrylic dentures. The gold filling was changed over from her previous dentures.
"The best dentures I've ever had"

Female Patient
Age 69

P M Denture Clinic - Dentures Before and After

Referred to the clinic by his dentist who could not get a good fit with acrylic dentures. Within four appointments the patient was fitted and delighted with his new chrome based acrylic dentures.
He is "Over the moon" with the resulting look; "Takes 10 years off me"

Mr. A.
Age 47

Sample products:

P M Denture Clinic - Suction Cups for Dentures

Suction cups can be produced in upper dentures to ensure a perfect, slip-free fit.

P M Denture Clinic - Partial Saddle Denture

Partial saddle dentures in either Acrylic or Chrome.

P M Denture Clinic - Chrome Base Partial Denture

Chrome base partial denture. No palate necessary.

Patient testimonials:

I. Gibson, Hamilton
July 2019

I never thought dentures could look so natural. They take years off me.

M. Baxter, Lanarkshire
July 2019

Thanks for repairing my Denture within an hour. You saved my life, I was going to a wedding that afternoon.

M. McGuinness, Lanarkshire
July 2019

Four appointments and I had new upper and lower dentures. Well within my budget and my wife never even noticed!

E. Murray, East Kilbride
June 2019

Thank you for your great service. I had Ill fitting dentures for years. These now fit and look fantastic!

Mr. Dowds, Hamilton
February 2019

Can't thank Philip and Vivian
enough the service and care was exceptional during my fitting of new
plate. I would 100% recommend others to visit and enhance your confidence with new partial dentures. The whole fitting experience was exceptional and
done within 3 visits. Can't thank you guys enough and will most certainly
recommend and re-visit in the future. Thanks to you both such a
lovely and welcoming couple.

Linda, Lanarkshire
February 2019

Many Many thanks! I'm delighted with my new plate. It's very much appreciated. Excellent customer care.

M. Hogg, Lanarkshire
February 2019

Thanks Philip. Great fit and my wife loves the look. Fitted me in while I was on shore leave. You're magic!

W. Wright, Glasgow
January 2019

What a marvellous denture. My dentist sent me to you. I had this new one made and looking great in three appointments. Really chuffed with the look!

I. Gibson, Hamilton
August 2018

Thanks very much Philip. I haven't worn teeth for years. The dentist sent me to you and I was terrified. I can't believe the difference, everyone says it takes years off me. I'm learning to eat better food again. Really strange at first but the metal clasps hold them in great. I'm getting more used to them everyday. You're a star!

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