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If you need an emergency denture repair please call us on 01698 282411 and we will give you our first available appointment. We always try our best to accommodate everyone with same day appointments whether you have lost your denture or need an immediate denture repair.

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Here at PM Denture Clinic, we don’t hide behind corporate name’s or Logo’s – Philip McKeown will make your dentures from initial consultation to the Fit of your new dentures, including making your custom dentures in our In-House Laboratory.

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Why new dentures will return you to your natural health

New dentures will bring a whole new lease of life to

you, you’ll look younger, be able to eat your favourite food and best of all have your old self-confidence back. Yet new dentures always seem to be down at the bottom of the list of things to do. Whether you have:

  • Used the same dentures for over 6 years
  • Loose fitting dentures
  • Badly worn dentures
  • Simply lost your dentures

getting a new dentures will change your whole life for the better.

Why replace dentures after 6 years anyway?

Dentures are designed to last up to 6 years, yet we get so use to them that it’s difficult let go when the proper time comes. After about 6 years the dentures will become lose – especially the lower one. This problem will then cause:

  • An over closing bite
  • Your chin to start sticking out
  • A noticeably strained look

The longer you leave your old dentures in after this 6 year period the more difficult it becomes to get comfortable with your new dentures.

Why loose fitting dentures can be more than a pain

Loose fitting dentures is one of the most common problems you’ll experience with your trusted dentures. We do after all use our dentures 24 hours a day 7 days a week, and anything in use that much will surely change over time? Yet it’s more than the actual denture changing – it’s your gums the dentures rest on that have changed over the years.

Changing gums explain the pain you feel in your mouth when using your dentures, yet over time this can manifest itself into ulcers. Untreated ulcers lead to much more serious problems.

How badly worn dentures can affect you

Like anything else that is used 24 hours a day 7 days a week our dentures will become worn with time. As the denture become more worn eating food become more of a challenge, yet we keep on putting off getting a new dentures.

A worn denture can cause:

  • An over closing bite
  • Close joints
  • Trapped nerves

Believe it or not, headaches and especially migraines are also side effects of worn denture!

Constantly losing your dentures?

"I'm really happy at how my dentures have settled & I can enjoy all the foods I've not even attempted to try in years!" -- Mrs B Shannon, East Kilbride (February 2014)

If you’re constantly losing you dentures, then ask yourself why you’re taking them out in the first place? If your dentures are uncomfortable or loose in your mouth you should visit your Clinical Dental Technician to get them fixed or replaced or call us on 01698 282411 for your FREE consultation.

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