Chrome Cobalt Dentures


Prosthetic dentures can come in many forms. Denture bases (the pink part) can be made from several different materials. The most common is acrylic resin, which can come in many shades to suit your natural skintone.


For strength, the acrylic can be made from High Impact acrylic and even have a Chrome Cobalt sub-base for added strength.


Chrome bases are highly recommended for partial dentures as this gives added fit security to the denture wearer and also feels lighter in the mouth. Designs for chrome cobats dentures are designed specifically for the denture wearer and can also be made without a palate.


Your denture has to fit well and you should be able to bite with your denture as well as it being aesthetically pleasing aim is to provide you with a fully finctioning denture you can eat with.


At PM Denture Clinic in Hamilton, we are one of only afew cliniciand in Scotland who have trained not only as Dental Technicians, but also Clinical Dental Techniciand, which qualifies PM Denture Clinic to provide dentures direct to the public and we are registered with the General Dental Council.


Contact us on 01698 282411 or send us your questions to but please remember our replys can sometimes end up in your "junk" or "spam" folder, so check them all as we're keen to get back to you with the best advice for your denture needs.