Chrome Cobalt Dentures

Prosthetic dentures can come in many forms.


Denture bases can be made from several different materials. The most common is acrylic resin, which can come in many shades to suit your natural skintone.
For strength, the acrylic can be made from High impact acrylic and even have a Chrome Cobalt sub-base for added strength


Chrome bases are highly recommended for partial dentures, as this gives added fit security to the denture wearer and also a lighter weight feeling in the mouth. Many designs of chrome cobalt dentures can be made without a palate, which can give the wearer a more comfortable denture with a light weight wearing experience


What we are aiming to achieve is to get you fully functioning and eating again.


For that reason your denture has to fit well, you should be able to bite well with it and it should also be aesthetically pleasing


At Philip McKeown Hamilton Denture Clinic, we are one of only a few clinicians in Lanarkshire, and Glasgow and Edinburgh, who, have trained not only as Dental Technicians but also Clinical Dental Technicians, which  qualifies Philip Mckeown dentures, as registered with the General Dental Council GDC, to look  after all your denture needs


Philip McKeown can advice on lightweight dentures and has further chrome cobalt pictures, which were recently fitted as full cosmetic dentures, for a Glasgow patient who had badly fitting lower dentures


Clients with dentures Scotland and indeed from as far as north west England, regularly, make appointments with our clinical dental technician and stay overnight at a local hotel while they are being fitted in the Hamilton dental clinic for their new dentures This is a popular, denture in a day service ,we offer for those who travel from a distance.


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