Being New To

Your dentures have been made to match the contours of your mouth and face, to compliment your facial expressions and blend naturally with your complexion. They are unique to you.


However your body still needs time to adapt to your new dentures and this will take a little while. Some initial discomfort or soreness are to be expected. It is therefore very important to return for your follow up appointment, preferably within 72 hours of the initial fit, when if necessary your dentures will be adjusted. In some cases further appointments may be required.


It is not unusual for your new dentures to feel 'too big' at first and you may also produce more saliva than usual when you first start to wear them. This is your body's prefect natural response to what it sees as a foreign body in the mouth. Very soon though your mouth will grow accustomed to the new dentures and things will return to normal.


Your new dentures have been made to your own required look with the positioning of the teeth and any build out required, agreed at the try-in appointment, but you may find that you feel very self conscious about your appearance, but new dentures are about a matter of confidence and comfort – all of which will increase as you get used to them.


Speaking may seem a little awkward initially but any slight differences in your voice will be more noticeable to you rather than the people you talk to. Your speech will return to normal very quickly as your new dentures settle in and the more you speak the quicker this will happen. Reading aloud can also speed up the process.


For the first 48 hours it is wise to practice eating soft, non-sticky foods until you get used to biting and chewing. Pretty soon you'll get used to eating all your favourite foods again.


On some occasions, when you feel you need more confidence with your dentures, especially if you have a very shallow palate or a very shallow lower ridge, a denture adhesive such as Fixodent will help.


I'll help you get used to your new dentures, by giving you inclusive aftercare appointments Want to know more? give us a call on 01698 282411 or send us an email to please remember to check all inboxes for our reply as our feedback tells us sometimes our mail can end up in your "junk" folder