Op@l Anti-snoring Night Guards

We will give you a great nights sleep without banishing him into the other bedroom.


Usualy the simple soft mandibular custom fitted Op@l mouthguard, when custom fitted, is enough to bring the mandible forward and therefore stopping the soft palate vibrating. Banish the volcanic eruption noises, which wake your partner up. Priced from £85.00 This is an affordable way to get a great nights sleep.


A more stabalising upper and lower Op@l Mouthguard can also be custom fitted for more challenging cases.


You can ask your dentist or G.P to refer you to us.


If during your snoring sleep pattern you are holding your breath, you may have to be tested for sleep apnoea.


Contact us for further information.


Our testimonials

"A great night sleep at last! I wish I sent my husband years ago!"

— Mrs B, Glasgow

"I found the Op@l No snore guard easy and comfortable to use"

— Mr McGraw, Hamilton

"Getting full nights sleep for the first time in 20 years!!"

— Mr Dunlop, Bothwell