Looking After

In order to prevent calcareous deposits and discoloration due to heavy smoking, medication or regular tea drinking etc., the denture must be cleaned thoroughly. We recommend brushing the denture with a toothbrush three times per day under running water, using liquid soap. Rinse the denture afterwards.


Conventional denture cleansers can also be used, but the denture should not be immersed in the cleansing solution for more than 45-50 minutes to avoid discoloration. Soft lined dentures retain their shape and lasting softness, their structure will remain unchanged.


Always clean your dentures over a sink with water in it, or over a soft flannel. If you ever damage your damage your dentures, do not attempt to repair them yourself. With care a partial denture should last between 2-5 years and full dentures between 4-7 years.


Soapy water. Yes, give your dentures a good clean with a soft toothbrush and fairy liquid.

But be careful don't drop them. Put a face cloth in the sink or fill it with water first