“This is my third set of dentures from Mr Mckeown. I have always been fully satisfied with the quality, attention to detail and the aftercare provided. I’ll see you in another few years.”

R Kane, Hamilton (September 2016)


“My friend told me about Philip-I had no idea she even wore dentures so that’s why I came. Thanks for my new natural looking teeth”

S Bond, Motherwell (August 2016)


“Thank you so much for your kindness and understanding. I am delighted with my teeth and the fact that so much care was taken to get them just right! Thank you so much.”

C McGuire, Hamilton (July 2016)


“I called first thing as my denture had broken and I was attending a wedding the same day. I was told to come down straight away and Philip repaired my denture while I waited. Thankyou SO much for all your help.”

M McGuire, Cambuslang (June 2016)


“Chloe on reception was very chatty and made me feel at ease. I was pleased with the look of my dentures & how comfortable they feel. I found the full process not as stressful as I had anticipated after putting this off for a good year”

S McKenzie, Hamilton (May 2016)


“Thankyou for your patience. My dentures have settled in great. I shouldn’t have left it for so long.”

D Baird, Blantyre (April 2016)


“I popped in and Philip repaired my broken denture before I started backshift. Thankyou for doing my repair as quick, it meant I didn’t need to take a day off work and none of my workmates noticed. I put on an appointment for a new denture & it means i’ll have a spare if it ever happens again”

J Russell, Hamilton (March 2016)


“I felt very apprehensive, self concious and had doubt i’d ever find a denture to fit. I have been made three dentures in two years and couldnt get used to them. To say im shocked that I can eat and speak as normal again with my new denture from you is an understatement. Thankyou for your patience, I have my confidence back.”

S Oliver, Stepps (February 2016)


“I lost my top denture during Christmas and came across the website. I didnt quite believe I could get a denture in a day. My first appointment was 9.30am and I had my new denture at 5pm that night. I couldnt quite believe it. I look forward to my follow up appointments with you over the next few weeks. Thanks again for all your help.”

Mr Shevlin, Bothwell (January 2016)


“The full dentures you made me have given me my confidence back. After two dissapointing dentures elsewhere I had lost all hope of ever getting dentures I’d be happy with. Your consultation put me at ease and you were thorough when explaining the denture process to me. I never felt rushed or uncomfortable at any appointment. Marvellous! Im glad I found you. Experience shows ”

-Mr Sharp, Glasgow (December 2015)

“Nice relaxed atmosphere to sit in while waiting on my denture being repaired”

-Sandra Roy, Hamilton (December 2015)


“I had my last set of dentures made with Philip & i’ll be back again.. Im delighted, not a problem with my new teeth”

-G McGowan, East Kilbride (November 2015)


“I have been struggling to get a denture to fit me for over 2 years. I listened to Philips suggestions about what denture would suit me best. I can’t believe I don’t have any problems. Thank you. ”

– M Kelly (Blantyre) September 2015
“Very friendly and plesant place to wait on my denture to be repaired”

-T Manson, (Lanark) October 2015


“I am very pleased with my new dentures. Even eating apples (cut up) My friends didnt notice which pleased me”

-Mrs Reynolds (age 93),  Hamilton (August 2015)


“My new denture is exactly what I wanted. I’ve made sure I have plenty business cards to hand out to my friends and family”

-Ms Carruthers, Hamilton (July 2015)


“I put off getting new dentures for years. I wish I done it sooner, thankyou for everything”

– Mr G Brady, Tannochside (June 2015)


“Sat & waited in the reception area for my denture repair. Thankyou.”

– B Cunningham, Blantyre (May 2015)


“I was so nervous but I am so glad I came here. I never felt rushed during any appointment & got exactly what I wanted. I will be passing your number on for sure”

– Mrs C Thomson, Hamilton (April 2015)


“My dentures have now fully settled & I am very pleased with the look”

-Mr J Patterson, Ballieston (March 2015)


“My third top denture from Mr McKeown. Im glad I came back and will continue to return here for all my dentures in the future”

-Mr Green, Carluke (February 2015)


“My denture was repaired while I waited in your cosy reception area. Thankyou for making me feel at ease”

– Mr Muir, Motherwell (January 2015)


“Thank you for all your kindness, warm welcome & professional expertise. I am truely delighted with my new dentures and “new look”! Having experienced your exceptional service I will have no hesitation in returning in the future”

-Sylvia Stalker – (December 2014) This Patient is from France


“Great teeth. Excellent service”

-B Davis, Hamilton (November 2014)


“My new top denture fits great. Im glad I came to the aftercare appointments provided.”

-J Powell, Lanark (October 2014)


“Thanks for fixing my denture as quick. I was able to smile at my friends wedding.”

-E Tait, Uddingston (September 2014)


“I was so used to my old dentures I was anxious to change. In June I booked an appointment for a new top denture. They took about 5 weeks to settle in, which i was told at the beginning. I feel absoloutley wonderful.”

-Mrs McCulloch, Airdrie – (August 2014)


“I didnt need to cancel my weekend plans because they repaired my denture while I waited. Thankyou!”

-John Marshall, Hamilton – (July 2014)


“Philip was very helpful. Im very happy with my new bottom set of teeth”

-Miss J Scott, Hamilton – (June 2014)


“This is my second set of dentures & I will continue to come back, i’ll never go anywhere else.”

-Mr Bolton, Livingston – (May 2014)


“He’s Great,I  wish I had came years ago” (patient changed her dentures after 30+ years)

-Mrs Stevenson, Hamilton – age 83 (April 2014)


“I’m so glad my old dentures broke, replacing them was the best thing I done. Initally I didnt think i’d cope with the change but after afew days Im  delighted & I love my new denture”

-Mrs S Cassidy, Airdrie (March 2014)


“Philip did stress my dentures would take around 6 weeks to settle in, which they did..and they have exceeded my expectations, I am delighted”

– John Cowan, Bellshill (February 2014)


“You made me feel so relaxed when I came for my repair during the Christmas. I’ll recommend you to anyone who needs a friendly and warm approach to such a stressful situation”

– Mr B Weir, EK (January 2014)


“Thankyou for repairing my denture while I waited in your cosy reception area. I’ll be back in the new year for a new denture.”

– Ms A McGuigan (December 2013)


“You are a total professional. No need to panic about anything when I come to you.”

– Mr Angus, Largs (November 2013)


“Chloe is fantastic at her job and makes you feel so welcome at each appointment. Philip has made a very nice job of my new dentures im so glad my friend passed on his number”

– Jean Doyle, Glasgow (November 2013)


“Thankyou for making my dentures in a day. Fantastic service from start to finish”

– Mrs A Boyd, Bothwell (October 2013)


“My denture repair was fixed while I waited. I have booked an appointment for new dentures. I am very impressed”

– Mrs A McGowan, Wishaw (September 2013)


“I am very happy with my new dentures. Thankyou very much”

– Mr P Jones, Hamilton (September 2013)


“Many thanks for your professional help”

– Mr M Findlay, Hamilton (September 2013)


“I love my new dentures. Thankyou for your patience, and most of all, thankyou for giving me my smile back!”

-Mr P H McManus, Lanark (August 2013)


“The whole experience was very straight forward. Everything was explained carefully and most importantly my new dentures were much easier to get used to than I had feared. I wish I never waited as long”

– Mr Dickson, Glasgow (July 2013)


“Exceptionally helpful, made me feel like a valued customer. One of the reasons I will return”

– Mr McCready, Motherwell (June 2013)


“Having endured ill fitting dentures and mouth ulcers for years. It wa so refreshing to find an experienced Clinical Dental Technician and getting the appropriate treatment. I wouldnt go anywhere else”

-Mrs J Marsella (May 2013)


“Treatment and aftercare, I could not fault in any way! I would highly recommend Mr McKeown and excellent receptionist Chloe to anyone. It was always a cheerful place, appointments were prompt and overall im delighted with my dentures”

-Mrs M Cant, Tannochside (April 2013)